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JD-M303A MEMS three-axis gyroscope

Short Description:

XC-M303A MEMS three-axis gyroscope adopts high-precision domestic gyroscope, combined with high-performance temperature compensation algorithm and inertial device calibration calculationmethod, which can output the angular velocity in the three axes of pitch, roll and heading and internal temperature information of the carrier in real time. The gyroscope uses a 5V power supply and the communication interface is RS422 serial interface. It has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, light weight, high reliability, short start-up time and high precision and can be replaced in situ STIM210 MEMS three-axis (twin) axis gyroscope.

Product Detail


Product Tags

Product features

Application scope: It can be applied to servo system, combined navigation, attitude reference system and other fields.

Environmental adaptation: Strong vibration and shock resistance, can provide accurate angle speed information at -40 °C ~ +85 °C

High precision: using high-precision gyroscope. the control accuracy is better than 40urad.

Application fileds:

Aviation: seeker, optoelectronic pod

Land: turret, image stabilization platform

Land: image stabilization platform, servo system

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Product performance parameters

Metric Category

Metric Name

Performance Metric




Measuring range


Scale factor repeatability

< 50ppm

Scale factor linearity


Biased stability


National military standard 10s smooth

Biased instability


Allan Curve

Biased repeatability


Angular random walk (ARW)


Bandwidth (-3dB)


Data latency


Communication delay is not included.

Interface Characteristics

Interface type


Baud rate

 460800bps (customizable)

Data update rate


Environmental Adaptability

Operating temperature range 


Storage temperature range


Vibration (g)

6.06g (rms), 20Hz~2000Hz

Electrical Characteristics

Input voltage (DC) 


Physical Characteristics





Product Introduction

One of the main advantages of the JD-M303A MEMS 3-axis gyroscope is its compact size. Measuring just a few inches in diameter, this lightweight device can be easily integrated into a range of different applications, making it ideal for engineers and developers in a variety of industries.

The core of the JD-M303A MEMS three-axis gyroscope is a high-precision domestic gyroscope, which can output angular velocity data with ultra-high precision. This data is then combined with advanced temperature compensation algorithms and inertial unit calibration calculations to ensure data output is always reliable and accurate.

Another important feature of the JD-M303A MEMS three-axis gyroscope is its low power consumption. This means it can be used in a wide range of applications without stressing the power supply, which is especially important for battery-operated devices.

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    • Size and Structure Can Be Customized
    • Indicators Cover the Whole Range from the Low to the High
    • Extremely Low Prices
    • Short Delivery Time and Timely Feedback
    • School-Enterprise Cooperative Research Develop the Structure
    • Own Automatic Patch and Assembly Line
    • Own Environmental Pressure Laboratory