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IMU-M17 MEMS inertia measurement uni

Short Description:

The XC-IMU-M17 MEMS inertia measurement unit can measure the angular speed and line acceleration of the three axis direction and output in real time. This model has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, light weight, and good reliability, which can meet the application needs of the corresponding fields.

Product Detail


Product Tags

Application Scope

● XX -type guidance head

● Optical stabilization platform

Reference standard

● GJB 2426A-2004 optical fiber inertia measurement unit test method

● GJB 585A-1998 inertial technology term

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Product Performance Parameters

product Model

MEMS inertial measurement unit

Product Model


Metric Category

Metric Name

Performance Metric







Three -axis acceleration meter





Zero bias (full temperature)

≤ 3mg

Zero bias stablity

(full temperature)

≤ 3mg

(10s smooth, 1 σ)

Zero duplicability

≤ 1mg

Full temperature

Stability of the marking factor

≤ 200ppm

Bandwidth (-3DB)

>200 Hz


Start Time



stable schedule

≤ 3s


Interface Characteristics

Interface type


Baud rate


Data Format

8 Data bit, 1 starting bit, 1 stop bit, no unprepared check

Data update rate


Environmental Adaptability

Operating temperature range


Storage temperature range


Vibration (g)

6.06g (rms), 20Hz~2000Hz

Electrical Characteristics

Input voltage (DC)


Physical Characteristics





Product Introduction

One of the outstanding features of the IMU-M17 is its small size. This makes it ideal for applications where space is at a premium. In addition, the IMU-M17 is extremely lightweight, making it easy to carry and install in various environments.

But it's not just its physical features that make the IMU-M17 impressive. The product also has extremely low power consumption. Not only does this make the product more environmentally friendly, it also means it's ideal for power-constrained applications. Whether you need a device that can run for a long time without recharging, or just want to minimize your carbon footprint, the IMU-M17 is the perfect choice for you.

Of course, all other features are meaningless if the IMU-M17 is unreliable. Fortunately, this product has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards so you can be confident it will perform day in and day out. Whether you're using it in a research lab, a manufacturing plant, or out in the open, you can rely on the IMU-M17 to deliver accurate measurements without failure.

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    • Size and Structure Can Be Customized
    • Indicators Cover the Whole Range from the Low to the High
    • Extremely Low Prices
    • Short Delivery Time and Timely Feedback
    • School-Enterprise Cooperative Research Develop the Structure
    • Own Automatic Patch and Assembly Line
    • Own Environmental Pressure Laboratory