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The XC-AHRS-M05 is an ultra-small attitude heading reference system (AHRS). It is suitable for aircraft, vehicles, robots, and surface navigation carriers, underwater vehicles and other carriers. It can measure attitude, heading and other information. The system that use high-performance small-size MCUs with +5V power integrates gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic compass, temperature sensing, barometers and a variety of sensors devices. The system ,with good expandability, integrates all devices in a 44mm ×38.5mm×21.5mm space. The overall weight is less than 60 grams and equipped with RS422 external interface.

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Application Scope

It is suitable for aircraft, vehicles, robots, underwater vehicles, etc.

Environmental Adaptation

Strong vibration and shock resistance. It can provide accurate angular velocity information at -40°C~+70°C.

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Application Fileds

Aviation: drones, smart bombs, rockets.

Ground: Unmanned vehicles, robots, etc.

Underwater: torpedoes.

Product Performance Parameters

Metric Category Metric Name Performance Metric Remarks
AHRS parameters Attitude (pitch, roll) 0.05°
Heading 0.3° 1σ (magnetic correction mode)
Pitch angle measurement range ±90°
Roll angle measuring range ±180°
Heading angle measurement range  0~360°
Gyroscope measuring range  ±500°/s
Accelerometer measurement range ±30g
Magnetometer measuring range ±5guass
Interface Characteristics
Interface type  RS-422 Baud rate  230400bps (customizable)
Data update rate  200Hz(customizable)
Environmental Adaptability
Operating temperature range -40°C~+70°C
Storage temperature range -55°C~+85°C
Vibration (g) 6.06g (rms), 20Hz~2000Hz
Electrical Characteristics
Input voltage (DC) +5V
Physical Characteristics
Size 44.8mm*38.5mm*21.5mm
Weight 55g

Product Introduction

With its robust construction and superior performance, the XC-AHRS-M05 can be used in a wide range of applications, providing accurate and reliable readings even in the most challenging environments. The system uses a high-performance small-size MCU powered by +5V to ensure the integration of various sensor devices such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetic compass, temperature sensors, and barometers.

One of the main features of this product is its three-axis design, which utilizes a series of sensors to provide accurate and reliable data on orientation, acceleration and other essential parameters. This three-axis configuration ensures the system can maneuver through complex environments and provide critical data without error.

Another significant advantage of the XC-AHRS-M05 is its excellent expandability. The system can be easily integrated with various devices to provide enhanced functionality and more accurate measurements. With this system, you can be confident that you have the flexibility to design the perfect solution for your application, no matter how complex it may be.
So whether you're navigating complex surfaces, flying high or exploring the depths of the ocean, the XC-AHRS-M05 has you covered. Whatever your situation, our system gives you everything you need to collect accurate and reliable data.

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    • Size and Structure Can Be Customized
    • Indicators Cover the Whole Range from the Low to the High
    • Extremely Low Prices
    • Short Delivery Time and Timely Feedback
    • School-Enterprise Cooperative Research Develop the Structure
    • Own Automatic Patch and Assembly Line
    • Own Environmental Pressure Laboratory