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Achieve Maximum Precision with Professional-Level XC-INS-M16

Short Description:

XC-INS-M16 product adopts MEMS inertial measurement unit and external (built-in) GPS/Beidou positioning module combination navigation system, which can be used to measure the attitude, heading, speed, position and other information of the carrier, with the characteristics of small size and high precision. The system integrates gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic compass, temperature sensor and other sensors. It adopts high-performance small-volume MCU and adaptive wide power input, also can access external auxiliary information such as odometer.

Product Detail


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Application Scope

● Strong anti-interference ability.

● Excellent performance indicators.

● Large working range.

● Wide range of application.

● Good user experience

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Product Performance Parameters

Metric Category Metric Name Performance Metric Remarks





Gyroscope parameters

Pitch angle measurement range -90°~+90° customizable
Roll angle measurement range -180°~+180°
Heading angle measurement range 0~360°
Horizontal attitude accuracy <0.05 The satellite signal is good
Heading angle accuracy <0.2 The satellite signal is good
Horizontal attitude maintains accuracy <5deg/h(10min) Pure inertial navigation
The heading angle maintains accuracy <5deg/h(10min) Pure inertial navigation
Speed accuracy 0.03 1sigma

Location accuracy

1.5 1sigma
High precision 3 1sigma
Interface Characteristics
Interface type RS422 Baud rate 921600bps
Environmental Adaptability
Operating temperature range -40℃~+70℃
Electrical Characteristics
Input voltage (DC) 9-28V
Physical Characteristics
Size 33mm*85mm*135

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    • Size and Structure Can Be Customized
    • Indicators Cover the Whole Range from the Low to the High
    • Extremely Low Prices
    • Short Delivery Time and Timely Feedback
    • School-Enterprise Cooperative Research Develop the Structure
    • Own Automatic Patch and Assembly Line
    • Own Environmental Pressure Laboratory